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My Cozy Christmas Books: A List

This page contains affiliate links. Cozy Christmas booksThere’s not a lot I like more than a good book at Christmas. Ideally, I have a big fluffy chair between the window to watch the snow fall and the burning logs of the fireplace. On the small table near...

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Spring Book List: What I’m Reading

This page contains affiliate links. Spring Book List: What I’m Reading The family leaves the country in a few days, and I'm in complete list-making, near panic mode. This, and the kids being home all the time made me a little behind this week. So, this...

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St. Patrick’s Day: A few of my favorite Irish things

This post contains affiliate links. St. Patrick's Day It's March so what do I think of? Ireland, green, March 17, St. Patrick's Day! Ireland. Such a powerful word filled with imagery, music, and memories. I love to travel, and Ireland is one of my favorite places in...

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How to give a giant party featuring The BFG

This post contains affiliate links. Why throw a giant party featuring The BFG by Roald Dahl? First of all, I have always loved to read and was indeed the kid who consistently kept her head in a book on the school bus and any other place we went. This love of reading...

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