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Keto Sausage Stuffed Peppers

Flavorful Italian sausage mixed with mushrooms, cauliflower rice, marinara, and parmesan all stuffed in bell pepper and topped off with melted mozzarella cheese.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Gluten-Free, Italian, Keto, Low Carb
Keyword: cauliflower rice, Keto sausage stuffed peppers, low carb stuffed peppers, sugar-free
Servings: 8
Calories: 283kcal
Author: Explorer Momma


  • 4 bell peppers, cut in half and insides removed
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 lb Italian sausage
  • 2 cups cauliflower rice
  • 16 oz chopped mushrooms
  • 14 oz marinara or pizza sauce (homemade or bought sugar-free)
  • ½ cup shredded or powdered parmesan cheese
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • ½ tsp red pepper (optional)
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 4 green onions, chopped to garnish


  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the bell pepper halves spaced evenly in a baking dish.
  • Melt the butter in a large frying pan over the stove. Put in the Italian sausage and chopped mushrooms and cook/stir until the meat is browned.
  • Add in the salt and pepper to taste. Add red pepper if using.
  • Mix in the cauliflower rice, marinara sauce, and parmesan cheese.
  • Spoon the mixture evenly into the bell pepper halves.
  • Top each with shredded mozzarella cheese.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until the cheese just begins to brown. Garnish with chopped green onions and serve.


Nutritions Facts

Servings 8.0
Amount Per Serving
Calories 283
Total Fat 18 g 
Saturated Fat 8 g 
Monounsaturated Fat 0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 57 mg 
Sodium 827 mg 
Potassium 462 mg 
Total Carbohydrate 9 g 
Dietary Fiber 3 g 
Sugars 4 g 
Protein 20 g 
Net Carbohydrate 6 g
*Nutrition Facts per MyFitnessPal.com. For most accurate facts, calculate your own with the exact ingredients you use in the recipe.