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About Me

I’m a mom to a fun-loving 10-year-old girl and a dinosaur and baseball-obsessed 7-year-old boy.

As a child, I loved to read and still do. It was my way to explore the world and learn about people, history, science, and so much more. Far and away the author who had the most impact on my life was Lucy Maud Montgomery. In Anne, of Anne of Green Gables, I admired her fiery, independent, and intelligent personality. I read pretty much everything she wrote, and through her words, the characters in those pages.

In college, I studied history, French, and education and shortly after graduation joined the Peace Corps where I had the life-changing experience of being an education volunteer in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. In a way, I wanted to be Anne, be that teacher and writer and inspiration.

Naturally, I then went to work for a leading insurance company and met some amazing people, yet, I knew it was not a fit for me. I wanted to use my skills, pursue my passions, and have more time with my family.

Since then I taught high school French. However, when family schedules became too hectic, I was able to stay home and take care of the kids and work at home.

I love to learn about other cultures – foods, languages, history, people. I get so excited to share the traditions of different cultures with my kids and travel whenever possible. Ever since high school when I took my first big trip to Paris I decided travel was the best possible education, and I would take every chance I’d get.

Reading goes hand in hand with exploration and discovery. When I get a chance I’ll share with you what I’m reading. We will go into middle-grade books, travel books, books to read while you travel, and others.

Now with my two kids, I’ve had to travel and live, let’s just say differently than my college and Peace Corps days. I love to share adventures with them and explore cultures, geography, science, and the outdoors. I’m a bit of an organization and calendar nut so you’ll see that come out on the blog as well.

We are learning to explore our own backyard and beautiful Northern Colorado, the United States, and beyond. So what will you find on the blog? You’ll see resources for keto and low carb recipes, travel with kids, learning, and fun!

Come explore with us and plan your next adventure!


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