The Super-Easy, Best Paper Airplane Ever

The Super-Easy, Best Paper Airplane Ever

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Lately, I’ve been focused on meal planning, new recipes, and getting ready for Christmas. All of the sudden it hit me, Christmas is at the beginning of winter break this year. That means we have almost two and a half weeks with no school AFTER Christmas. What are we going to do? How can I get the kids to be occupied, not kill each other, and not drive me insane for two and a half weeks?? Needless to say, much list-making and calendar planning ensued.

The brainstorm of planning showed me I have events and basic schedules. What I really need are simple, fun activities to interest the kids for a good length of time at home. Meaning, we need activities they can repeat and not get bored with.

This easy and best paper airplane plan and game is one such activity. My son (5 years old) rarely tires of it, although he can be found making paper airplanes at home, Grandma’s, and even at church (oops). We call this the Georgian airplane because it was the paper airplane my husband grew up making as a kid in Georgia (the country), and let me tell you it can fly!

Best paper airplane ever pin

Best Paper Airplane Ever

First, take out a letter-sized rectangle piece of paper. You can use color, white, or whatever you happen to have on hand. Fold it lengthwise in half to make a longer rectangle or what we call a “hot dog” shape.

Best paper airplane ever, hotdog

Second, open the “hotdog” back up and fold both top corners to meet at the middle line. You’ll make two triangles and a pointy tip.

Best paper airplane ever, top corners

Third, turn the paper over and fold the triangle backward to lay flat down on top of the larger rectangle.

Best paper airplane ever, big triangle

Then, with the triangle tip pointing down, take the top, left corner and fold it to the center line about an inch above the tip of the triangle. Do the same on the right side.

Best paper airplane ever, corners

After that, identify the point on the large triangle and fold it up as far as it will go without folding the sides you’ve just folded to the center.

Best paper airplane ever, small triangle

Then, pick up your airplane and fold it in half on the existing crease.

Best paper airplane ever center fold

From there, you’re going to make the wings. Fold the line of the top wing down to exactly meet the folded center line. Turn the airplane over and repeat on the other side.

Best paper airplane ever, wing fold

That’s it!! Lastly, go over all the folds with your fingernail to make them as crisp as possible. The airplanes fly so much better if they have well-creased folds. Then you are ready to fly!

Best paper airplane ever complete

Best paper airplane games

  1. A basic game of catch. Throw the paper airplane back and forth between two people.
  2. Point out targets around the house and make a sort of frisbee golf game using airplanes.
  3. Make your own target out of a piece of poster board with numbers. Set a number goal, and the first person to get that many points wins. Have the players take turns and each only throw one paper airplane at a time.
  4. Have the kids make a paper airplane hanger out of paper or blocks.
  5. 100 Airplanes game. This is a variation on the Japanese paper crane tradition, but I made this one up. Tell the kids they have to make 100 paper airplanes and give them away as gifts. If they make a present 100 airplanes to other people they will have good luck and spread joy.
  6. Paper airplane battle between two sideways card tables.
  7. Let the children be creative and make their own stories with the airplanes. Are you at an airport? Military base? What are the airplanes’ names?


Best paper airplane ever target game

Good luck!

This is such a fun, traditional activity, and keeps my son entertained for HOURS. Maybe not hours at a time, but a good 20 minutes here and there fairly often. Do you have some other simple activities for your kids so you can get a chore done or have a moment of peace? I love this kind of thing because they can do it themselves, and at the same time, it avoids screen time.

Leave me some comments below with other awesome, easy activities!!

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