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Keto Christmas Cookies {Sugar-Free}

Here find a fabulous selection of delicious and sugar-free, gluten-free Keto Christmas cookies. They’re low carb recipes perfect for holiday parties, family treats, or to eat sitting by the fire next to the Christmas tree!

It’s that time of year once again. In fact, it’s my favorite time of year. I love the snow and cold, the Christmas lights, holiday parties, concerts, and fun!

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There’s a scent of orange, clove, ginger, and fir trees in the air that just makes me smile.

In addition, there’s the food! You can go anywhere without Christmas cookies or holiday goodies on offer.

Personally, it’s hard for me to refuse so I’ve found it necessary to be prepared. Yes indeed! Prep your own treats to take for all at holiday gatherings. More and more I’ve found others who are completely relieved and thrilled to find a gluten-free or sugar-free option.

Top 12 Keto Christmas Cookies for your low carb, gluten-free holiday needs! Delicious sugar-free cookie recipes to keep you on the keto diet track. #ketocookies #ketochristmas #ketodesserts


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Keto Christmas Cookies: 12 Days

Are you ready for the 12 Days of Keto Christmas Cookies?

Now, I’m not saying you have to bake a different cookie for 12 days! Not at all. That would even be a little much for me.

However, why not pick out two or three recipes and give them a go this year? I’ll tell you my favorites at the end.

1. Butter Spritz Cookies

Keto butter spritz cookies are the cookies you always remember with love from your childhood.

Did you too sneak one every time you ran by the plate at Grandma’s house? That’s my memory of them, and they’re so simple and classic they’re a hit with everyone.

Keto Butter Spritz Cookies are the perfect Keto Christmas cookies. Soft and buttery gluten-free goodness. #ketocookies #ketochristmas

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Butter Spritz Cookies

2. Coconut Macaroons

Traditional flavors of coconut, almond, and chocolate make these low carb treats a hit at our house. Keto Coconut Macaroons are delicious and at the same time sugar-free and gluten-free. Fabulous.

They will soon become one of your Christmas family traditions. Perfect for a family gathering or cookie exchange, these festive coconut balls are amazing for any season.

Keto Coconut Macaroons for a festive low carb cookie. #ketocookies #lowcarbcookies

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Coconut Macaroons

3. Gingerbread Cookies

Keto gingerbread cookies are a must around Christmas time! A good crunch, happy gingerbread man face, and a strong ginger flavor. Bonus! They’re keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, and low carb.

Low carb keto gingerbread cookies for the holiday win! Festive and gluten-free, sugar-free, and packed with ginger flavor. #ketocookies #ketodesserts

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Gingerbread Cookies

4. Thumbprint Peanut Butter Cookies

Keto peanut butter cookies with a silky smooth chocolate thumbprint filling. This is my version of a peanut butter blossom cookie redone low carb and marvelous. Now really, chocolate and peanut butter, what could be better?!

This cookie branched us out a little, and you’ll find instead of my go-to gluten-free almond flour I’ve opted for peanut butter and peanut powder in this recipe. Actually, I find it gives it a deeper peanutty flavor different than traditional peanut butter cookie recipes, and I love it!

Keto peanut butter cookies are hunger stomping keto Christmas cookies. #ketorecipes #ketocookies

Full recipe and blogpost: Thumbprint Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

5. Low Carb Lemon Cookies

Creamy Italian mascarpone cheese lemon drizzle cookies are certainly my favorite low carb lemon cookies this year! The lemon citrus tang is the perfect compliment to other holiday cookies.

There’s something about lemon and citrus flavors at Christmas that speak to tradition and a time when it was expensive and difficult to find citrus fruits in the winter, making them extra special. I love citrus and have a special place in my heart for lemon curd, and these cookies definitely satisfy that craving.

Delicious low carb lemon cookies are a good twist on keto Christmas cookies. #ketocookies #ketodesserts

Full recipe and blogpost: Low Carb Lemon Cookies

6. Chocolate Truffles

Rich, chocolate coating melts in your mouth with the soft almond chocolate truffle middle. Go ahead, indulge in the magnificent low carb treat. Keto chocolate truffles are sure to please at holiday parties and family get togethers!

Keto Chocolate Truffles are a cross between a candy and a low carb cookie. Keto Christmas Cookies for the exchange. #ketochocolate #ketorecipes

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Chocolate Truffles 

7. Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

Brilliant Christmas flavors packed together in one melt in your mouth shortbread. Keto cranberry orange shortbread cookies are the perfect low carb addition to any Christmas dessert table.

The flavors in these keto cranberry orange shortbread cookies bring so many memories of Christmases past, Christmas in literature, the holidays in general.

Keto Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies are packed with flavor and crisp. The ideal low carb holiday treat. #lowcarbcookies #ketodesserts

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

8. Pumpkin Cookies

Delicious keto pumpkin cookies will warm your heart and tummy with pumpkin spice and rich chocolate. A fabulous low carb, gluten-free cookie perfect for fall or any Christmas treat table.

Do you love the combination of pumpkin, spice, and chocolate? If you don’t, well, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Kidding. However, it’s true pumpkin cookies are some of my favorites.

Keto pumpkin cookies dipped in sugar-free chocolate for the win! Low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free delights of spice. #ketorecipes #ketocookies

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Pumpkin Cookies

9. Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Keto cut out sugar cookies are a must around any holiday! Buttery deliciousness and the perfect family activity. Kids love to roll these out and select the shapes. Frosted or not, these are the perfect Christmas cookies.

Keto cut out sugar cookies are a necessity in our household. In fact, I grew up on Grandma’s cut out butter cookie recipe. They’re my dad’s favorite cookie at Christmas, and we’ve used the same cookie cutters since I was a small child. It’s time for a keto option!

Keto cut out sugar cookies can be made into any low carb shape and topped with sugar-free icing. #ketocookies #glutenfreecookies

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Cut Out Sugar Cookies

10. Low Carb Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

With the perfect snap and texture, low carb chocolate pinwheel cookies are deliciously made of almond and coconut flours along with chocolate and other flavors. All the gluten-free goodness comes in a neat, perfectly swirled package perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or afternoon tea!

Low carb chocolate pinwheel cookies are colorful and a low carb recipe treat. Gluten-free and sugar-free fun. #ketocookies #ketorecipes

Full recipe and blogpost: Low Carb Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

11. Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Buttery, delicious, and easy low carb cookies. What could be better or more kid-friendly? Butter and jam keto thumbprint cookies are melt in your mouth with a zing of strawberry in the middle.

These cookies flash memories of the bakery famous for them in my college town, a Mad-Hatter tea party, and a Christmas cookie exchange.

I do love the versatility of these cookies. The delicious almond flour buttery cookie can be filled with many things. I like to use a red jam such as strawberry or raspberry, but you could even use a sugar-free ganache or peanut butter.

Keto Butter and Jam Thumbprint cookies with a tang of fruit are low carb and kid-friendly. #ketorecipes #lowcarbdesserts

Full recipe and blogpost: Butter and Jam Keto Thumbprint Cookies

12. Keto Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Soft and delicious keto chocolate sandwich cookies are the perfect holiday treat to satisfy dessert cravings! Low carb and gluten-free, a chocolate cookie sandwich filled with a creamy sugar-free cream cheese filling.

Also, to bump it up a notch around Christmastime, I like to add a 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract to the filling. Who doesn’t like chocolate and peppermint at Christmas?

Keto Chocolate Sandwich cookies with peppermint cream cheese filling scream keto Christmas cookies. Soft and delicious. #ketocookies #lowcarbchristmas

Full recipe and blogpost: Keto Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Favorite Keto Holiday Treats

There you have it! The Twelve Days of Keto Christmas Cookies.

So, which ones did you decide to make? My favorites are the Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies and the Keto Chocolate Truffles. Of course, my daughter’s favorites are the Butter Spritz Cookies.

Do try some out and let me know your favorites in the comments! Or tell me what other traditional cookie recipes you’d like to see go keto, and I’ll give it a go.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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The top 12 Keto Christmas Cookies. Low carb holiday recipes for the cookie exchange or Santa! Sugar-free and gluten-free, they will keep you on the keto diet path. #ketorecipes #ketochristmas

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